About me - Julia Clay

I have been a keen artist since I was at school, my Mum would have liked me to go on to Art College but in the way of the teenage mind I ignored her and became a beautician instead!

In 1986 after moving to Kent, my Dad made a dolls house for my birthday and I joined a miniatures group. They were all such talented people and I wanted to bring something different to the group so I started painting.

I now reside on the South Coast, enjoying the sunshine and my grandchildren and in the 30 years I have been painting and making miniatures my enjoyment has increased greatly, as has the detail in my paintings. I have now added 1/24 and 1/48 scale miniatures into my repoitoire and can be found in my etsy shop www.juliaconnett.etsy.com


Any queries?

Please email me at julia@juliaconnettminiatures.co.uk or use our contact form.

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